Who We Are?

Maanushya Foundation (मानुष्य) is an ideology, started with a purpose to uplift the original foundational pillars so that the future arc can become more luminous and sophisticated.
We are a Non-Profit Organization, which is registered under 'The Trust Act,1950'. We focus on transforming the educational landscape of rural India and relieve the deprived group by providing them advanced education for the benefits of society. We promote the refined and applied way of education to keep its sole unchanged from the mainstream system, to ensure the smooth and effective changes for the betterment of education.
Our Group is an army, who feels about the role of education for building a skilled Nation. We develop several approaches to change the learning process and make it more sensible, with strong hopes of doing better for a better tomorrow.

Our Story

It was an early November 2016 (temperature was approx. 19 degree Celsius in the morning), we were sitting at a tea stall to have a cup of tea. We saw a group of small kids, begging for food and money. Even they don't have clothes on their body and we were fully covered with woolen clothes, jackets, hand clubs, etc. even though we were feeling cold. This scenario got stuck in our minds. This is how a group of three young engineering students came together and took the challenge of collecting clothes and later distribute to them, (the slum/poor/orphan children in their surroundings.)


After that, we researched the root cause, and then we decided to take the initiative to bring a new approach to education. An education that will be so pure and enough capable to take care of academics as well as moral values so that each an individual gets quality education along with the awareness of social reactions. As time passed, the collective initiative turned into a reality as “Maanushya Foundation” (Maanushya is a Sanskrit word with meaning Humanity in English) in January 2017, intending to make someone’s life better and work with grassroots initiatives for making positive changes in the lives of underprivileged/ Orphans children and communities with the help of education.


Running with the time, the more helping hand started to help us, and we keep educating the future of India. To do so we started organizing regular classes and activity among these children. And results are quite satisfying, with a positive vibe to do more and keep continuing for the same.

Thanks to everyone who helped us form such a dedicated team and always stood for humanity and followed the Mission that knowledge should reach everyone.


Another year with the same vision. Finally, the day came, when we had registered the "Maanushya Foundation" under "The Trust Act, 1950". This was the first year as a team when we realized how much we could change with all our efforts. We set a resolution, which we have to fulfil. By referring to itself as a registered body that will be dedicated to offering its services to the cause. And we did, putting another milestone in our portfolio, as well as we created the joy of learning from hundreds of little champions.

It was our decision, never to stop the practice of being supportive of someone. Till now we continue this process and come up with the Maanushya Foundation as a solution. We develop several approaches to change the learning process and make it more sensible. With strong hopes of doing better for a better tomorrow.




To bring happiness & empowering the lives of poor and rural children by providing them the quality Education with moral Value.


Connecting passionate volunteers with rural children of India to provide quality education & to enable peoples collectives to pledge their particular strengths & to spread a smile, protect, and honor for the children.

Our Moral Value

The best practice to live like a gentle citizen of a country is started with the basic education, we can imagine the best country with only awareness that is present in our moral value and we call it Sanskaar. It all starts with education, quality education.

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