Maanushya Foundation

Non-Profit Organization

Three young engineering students came together and took the challenge to bring a new approach to education. An education that will be so pure and enough capable to take care of academics as well as moral values so that each an individual gets quality education along with the awareness of social reactions. As time passed, the collective initiative turned into a reality as “Maanushya Foundation” (Maanushya is a Sanskrit word with meaning Humanity in English) in January 2017, and we registered Maanushya Foundation under “The Trust Act, 1950” in 2019, intending to make someone’s life better and work with grassroots initiatives for making positive changes in the lives of underprivileged/ Orphans children and communities with the help of education with moral values.

  • Name-------------- :------- Maanushya Foundation
  • In Hindi-------------- :------- Humanity
  • Founding Date---------- :------- 18th Jan, 2017
  • Registered Under------ :------- The Trust Act,1950
  • Registration No.------- :------- E-8723
  • Active Location---.----- :------- Indore, Bhopal, Pune, Gorakhpur

Word From Maanushya Team

The voice of an organization is the voice of its bodies. Here is what make the Maanushya is its believe and visions from the pen of Maanushya Pillars.

Education is the key to unlocking millions of cosmos, we need to be aware enough to use it wisely for a good result.

Ashutosh Pandey

Head Trustee / Treasurer


We can't conceptualize education without moral values, it is the feature that separates humans from machines.

Roshni Soni

President, M.P. Zone


When the world's most dangerous weapon is going to destroy society, then there is still a shield and it is education.

Manish Singh

Founder / Chairman